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I am about to get a new tower from BestBuy, ( HP - Pavilion Desktop / AMD Phenom™ II Processor / 6GB Memory / 1TB Hard Drive). For what you get it seems like a great deal price-wise as well as performance. My plans are to use this baby for recording music, etc... and gaming, primarily World of Warcraft. I am a college student who until now has been forced to play all my games on a 32bit OS Lenovo laptop. Great machine for when I got it but needless to say, it's outdated, obsolete (seriously, it's still running Vista, and did I mention the 32bti OS? >.< ) So instead of throwing in the money it would take to upgrade the OS to 64-bit, and I'm planning on getting a new tower.

It comes stock with a ATI Radeon HD 4200, how will this hold up for playing WoW? My laptop curses me with framerates of 3-14 (14 on a very good day when I am zoomed into a dark corner in game), can I expect better with this new setup?

Link is here for the specs
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  1. dont buy a crap preassembled pc from best buy, build one yourself or at least spend more on one with a discreet graphics card. Or buy an HP, Dell, Compag, etc.. and then replace the power supply and add a decent video card for $175-250 and you will have yourself a rig. However the radeon 4200 is an integrated graphics chip that will not be able to game except on extremely low settings, although the 4200 can play hd video content without a problem, it is not made for gaming. You will get performance similar to your laptop I'm sure.

    heres a couple from newegg that arent too much more expensive then the one you have picked out that will at least be good to go out of the box, also consider the 200-300 upgrade cost for a psu and gpu if you were to buy the hp so now the 650 or whatever is 750-850, and even though I will give you a couple machines that are a ripoffs remember...... it would be cheaper and a lot more fun to build your own... :)

    ^^^^^this site has pretty good deals on preconfigured gaming machines ^^^^

    in the end you can go with low end hardware and you will get low end performance, of course you could play wow with a ebayed gtx 260 for a gpu off ebay for say 80-90 bucks, but imo it is better to buy new technology and spend a little more and you will be able to carry the graphics card over to future builds.... the prebuilt gaming machines come with highly inflated prices...but in the end its all up to you
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