Not all windows 8 apps work

Anyone else having this problem? I installed windows 8 on my old alienware laptop and I press the windows key and I will for example try to open "photos" it opens then does not load then closes.
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  1. yeah, metro apps still need some work it seems. The acuweather and mail aps do the same for me.
  2. All of my apps were working fine, but for the last few days they have been doing the same thing. I'm trying to re-install some of the apps now, and then I might do a system repair.
  3. When you get it working it looks like the 3rd app in the left column.
    And I have a Photobucket app that I downloaded from the store as the 4th app in the second column.
    Had you clicked on the Photo app and done the setup options?

  4. Hi :)

    Its a BETA.....

    All the best Brett :)
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