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Alright so just as the topic states i'm thinking about buying an ATI card. The reason is because i just recently bought 2 more monitors so i can run triple monitors. Now i've become quite attracted to ATI because they state that with the eye finity technology you can run 3+ monitors on one single video card. Would you all recommend doing so or would doing crossfire/SLI be a better way to go? I won't be playing REALLY REALLY graphic intense video games, mainly source engine based games (team fortress 2).

I've been looking at this card.. what do you guys think of it? Pretty damn cheap

I believe it is the same exact card as this one but different brand correct?

This guy on youtube is running a XFX 5850.. and his setup performs exactly how i'd like mine to perform in TF2. Is the above card that i posted better then what this guy is running?
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  1. Oh yes.. The HD 6950 is a very capable card and perfectly accurate for your needs..
  2. Is there any reason to buy the XFX over the gigabyte? They are the same exact cards aren't they?
  3. The XFX card seems to have a better warranty.. Other than that, both are same.. The Gigabyte card looks more fancy IMO.. And a 3year warranty is good for me.. I definitely won't pay almost 40 bucks extra for the XFX here..
  4. Another question.. i currently have a PCI express video card (EVGA GTX 260) will i beable to run the PCI express 2.1?
  5. Yes surely.. They are all compatible.. Just make sure your power supply has enough juice to power it..
  6. Thanks alot for the information Emperus. I decided to actually buy the XFX version of the 6950. My buddy online tells me they are a little bit more of a reputable brand then GIGABYTE. Plus, like you said, you get a better warranty.

    I've been looking on ebay just now.. and it looks like i'll beable to get about $100 for my current EVGA GTX 260! That'll help off set the cost.. and make me feel a little bit better about shelling out $300 for a video card lol.

    I love how you want to buy something.. but absolutely hate your self for doing so.
  7. Just be aware that it is required that you use the DisplayPort for one of the monitor if you wish to use Eyefinity.

    If one of the monitors does not have a DisplayPort, then you need to purchase an Active DisplayPort adapter for the monitor's HDMI or DVI port.
  8. Yes that will work just fine. Remember, you can flash the BIOS on your 6950 to make it a 6970 for a performance boost. I think that is just awesome.
  9. oh really? how do i go about doing that?
  10. BTW sorry for not replying for a while
    download winflash (Google it), a 6970 bios (ASUS maybe...), save your current bios just in case. Then load the 6970 bios and flash. bam, you're done.
  11. If you plan to flash the bios to a 6970, follow this guide. If you have difficulties, read the forum post it has a link to, there is an alternative solution to unlock the extra shaders, while leaving the clocks the same as the 6950.
  12. ^ +1
  13. Thanks alot for the replies.. ill do this all as soon as i get the card! Should be here along with my third monitor on monday..
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