HDMI on 25" computer monitor, but no signel on both HD TVs

I have a laptop that will not display video from the HDMI on HD TVs, but that laptop will work fine on my HP 25" display with HDMI.
I know that the HD TVs are all in working order, I have two desktop for home theater pc connected all of the time, and 1 other laptop that work on both of my HD TVs. So nothing is wrong with the TVs or HDMI cables. It is just this one laptop.
I have played around with the ATI control center for 2 hours with no success. It detects the displays even has there model numbers for the names of them. There is just no video to any of them. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the ATI drives, no success. I am stumped. My next alternative is to reinstall windows. I was hoping for some ideas, before I took such drastic action.

The laptop is a Lenovo Idea Pad
Windows 7 Home premium x64
Core i5
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 1GB switchable graphics, with some Intel thing :).

This is my first switchable Graphics card, so could that mess with something?
As far as I can tell, I need to be on the ATI card in order for it detect the HDMI port. Is this normal for switchable cards?

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  1. Well I gave up, and sent the laptop in for repair.
    I think it is a hardware problem, because when I go in to the BIOS, it also will send video out to the HDMI, when I pluged in to my 25" monitor it would get video of the BOIS, but on the TV it wouldn't. You don't get much more basic then in the BIOS, so i figured it was a hardware problem in not a software problem.

    So does it use different wires or language or something in the HDMI cable plugging in to a HDTV then in to a computer monitor? I was under the impression that they are exactly the same. I only have 1 monitor with a HDMI port so maybe that monitor happened to be the exception to the rule.
  2. Keep us posted when you get your notebook back.
  3. leon2006 said:
    Keep us posted when you get your notebook back.

    Will do.
  4. Well I got the notebook back.
    They claimed they couldn't find anything wrong, but they replaced the motherboard.
    And guess what, it still doesn't work and does the exact same thing, But I did discover that if I push upwards on the HDMI connection, I get video on my TV. but it still works fine on my computer monitor, using the same HDMI cable So I think it is a bad connection on the port, and TV must use the wiring differently then a plain computer monitor, is the only thing I can get to make since.
    So I have sent it back again for repair, hopefully they really will replace the mother board this time.
    I just hope I get to use it some time before it becomes out dated and I need to upgrade to a new one :)
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