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Best PhysX card?

I'm thinking about picking up a dedicated PhysX card to pair with my GTX 460 1Gb and I don't know alot about PhysX and looking for a recommendation.

I can get my hands on a GTS250 for $50 but I read somewhere that cuda support on the Physx card would be best and the 250 is listed on Nvidia site as supporting cuda.

Would a stronger gpu provide better physx performance? Something like a gts 290 or would sli make more sense
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  1. Get another GTX 460 in there.. Physx alone is not worth dedicating a card for..
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    You will get more performance out of a second GTX460, but a GTS250 for cheap makes a very good PhysX card... for those games that feature PhysX.

    Here is a good article about PhysX effects and performance on Batman: Arkham Asylum using a variety of (older) graphics cards:

    Another article about Mafia 2 PhysX performance:
  3. Thanks for the articles, they helped alot.!
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