Tri-Sli 260s. different clocks?

I was wondering if running two EVGA superclocked 260s and a EVGA stock clocked 260 in tri sli would be a problem. I recently got a bsod and my computer restarted itself. Then it got stuck on the EVGA logo screen. I force restarted and it just stays at the logo screen. I opened up my compter and tested it out with one video card and it was fine so I put all three back in and that also wasn't a problem. Three days later the same thing happened. Anyone know what could be the problem?
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  1. Running 3 x GTX 260 should not be an issue unless one of them isn't working right. The fact that their clock speeds are different should not matter either, as they will all be forced to run at the same speed as the slowest card.

    Do you have anything OverClocked? Or is the third card overclocked to match the other two? Also make sure you download and install the latest nVidia graphic drivers for your OS as well. :)
  2. Thanks. I have a core i7 920 overclocked to 3.4Ghz. Other then that nothing else is over clocked.
  3. Misc specs:

    EVGA x58 3-way SLI LGA 1366
    Intel Core i-7 920 factory clocked at 2.66GHz (overclocked to 3.4)
    Coolermaster V8 CPU cooler
    2x EVGA GTX 260 Factory Superclocked Edition
    1x EVGA GTX 260 Factory Stock Edition
    Corsair Dominator GT DDR3 6GB 1600MHz Tri-channel
    LG Blu-Ray Reader
    Thermaltake Toughpower 1000W
    60gb OCZ Vertex 2 SSD (boot drive)
    300gb Western Digital VelociRaptor 10000rpm Hard Drive
    1tb Western Digital Caviar Green (storage drive)
    Coolermaster HAF 932 Full Tower
    Windows 7 Home Premium
  4. If you're continuing to have this problem without an SLI setup, I'd probably look @ your OC'd processor next. Might not be a bad idea to run Prime95 or something similar to stress test your CPU to make sure it's stable. An unstable CPU OC doesn't only manifest itself instantly. So your BSOD episodes (being scattered at this point) could point to a slightly unstable CPU overclock as well.

    Run Prime95 in small FFTs and see if your can get a thread to fail. If so, you may need to tweak your BIOS settings still (voltage perhaps).
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