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Hi all,

I'm on the lookout for a gaming keyboard that will ideally tick all of the following boxes:

1) Wireless
2) Be capable of accepting more than 2 key inputs simultaneously from the keypad (I use the mouse left-handed when I play)
3) Not be extortionately expensive

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  1. Thats a tall order. I was looking for one as well but none offer anti ghosting.

    i could only found one that is supposedly good for gaming, but has poor range acording all the feedback
  2. honestly bud i've had a lot of problems with wireless and gaming for keyboards if they are up to the task they drink batteries especially if they are backlit .

    wireless is fine for mice ... when the range between the keyboard and mouse is very small . i keep my mx620 no more than 9 inch's away from its receiver ( built into keyboard)

    but you usually cant pull this off for wireless keyboards unless you have a reciever very close to the keyboard .. and even then you might as well go wired
  3. I'll bear that in mind, thanks. My gaming PC is in my lounge, so I tend to be on the couch when I play, so I want to get rid of as much of the wiring as possible. To be fair, the mouse wire is the only one that annoys me - the keyboard isn't so much of an issue, so I might just stick with a wired keyboard in hindsight and get a better mouse...
  4. Im trying to imagine this and its breaking my mind ... sat on a sofa how do you use a mouse

    Maybe my english sensibilities just wont let me ... mouse == desk

  5. On the cushion next to me. I don't play FPS games online so I don't really need the twitch reflexes / responses that I'd need a perfectly flat surface for.

    Anyway, I had a revelation when I came home. Years ago I started using the keypad for directional control and the mouse left-handed. My keyboard wouldn't take more than 2 simultaneous keystrokes. Well, I tried the WASD controls today...4 simultaneous inputs! Suits me for sure...maybe time to learn to game with the mouse in my rit hand again!
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