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I have a Sapphire HD5770 video card and I am running Windows 7. I recently swapped monitors from a standard 4:3 display to a 720p 16:9 display. My problem is now black is no longer black, it is more of a dark brown? Should I update my drivers on the video card? My monitor doesn't seem to have a whole lot of adjustment other than RGB and contrast. Or is it Windows? Should I dial back my resolution? Currently at 1440x900
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  1. I think you are seeing what is known as backlight bleed.

    Welcome to LCD technology

    Here are some images. Is this what you see?

    LCD screen can not always block all the backlight so when you try to make black, you end up with all the pixels effectively blocking most but not all light. I generally think of this as a purple black.

    Some times setting the gamma up a bit can help make it dark grey instead of a strange purple/brown color.

    Some screens will let you control backlight brightness as oppsed to screen brightness and this can help get the backlight slightly dimmer so you do not get as much bleed. This will effect the top end brightness,but may be something to try.

    Generally more expensive LCD's have much less bleed. When i first went from my 17inch Samsung Syncmaster 17glsi to a LCD it was awful(Backlight bleed,bad color[massive banding] and dark colors that all blended together into one color, Doom3 was hard to play like this). I literally had 3 different screens before I took my laptop to the store to test all the screens on display. wound up with a Syncmaster 950B(There is a CRT with this name, but it was an LCD). It has some bleed, but much less and very good color.

    Now days i use a Syncmaster 245T(but it has more ghosting then some other screens, but great color)

    I highly recommend look locally at screens in the store to judge color,response time[do not always go with what the box has] , backlight bleed as well as viewing angles(how far left right or up and down you can still see image with proper color, you may be surprised if you are coming from CRT).

    Here are some images of viewing angles.


    If you look at this you will see how different some screens can be viewing angle wise.

    TN - bad - but fast response
    PVA - Good - slower response
    IPS - Best - slower response

    Hope this helps.
  2. I might have to live with it for awhile. It might be backlight bleed? The gray scale in Windows 7 setup is more like a brown scale for me. I did a bunch tweaking to the monitor settings, but yeah I think I just need a better monitor.
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