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I5 2500k or i5 2500

I am planning on buying a new computer and have chosen all the parts, but there is one thing i cant decide.
The issue is deciding which of these two cpus I should buy. i5 2500k or the i5 2500.
I am leaning mostly towards the 2500 because im not an overclocker.
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  1. If you don't plan on overclocking, the 2500 is ideal. Having said that, if the price difference is small enough you might as well buy the k in case you change your mind later on.
  2. that was the idea.

    thanks for a quick response
  3. Didn't really add anything you didn't already know, but it's a pleasure anyway.. ;-)
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    When comparing Intel® Core™ i5-2500 and the Intel Core i5-2500K there are a couple simple differences.
    Intel Core i5-2500K:
    -Unlocked multiplier
    -Intel HD 3000 graphics
    Intel Core i5-2500:
    -Support for VT-d (directed I/O support)
    -Support for TXT (Trusted Execution Technology)
    -Intel HD 2000 graphics
    -On average $15 less
    For a business user the Intel Core i5-2500 is the clear processor for them due to support for TXT and the small cost savings. On the other hand for a person who is looking for the best processor value I would have to advise you to spend the extra $15 and pick up the Intel Core i5-2500K. On the Intel Core i5-2500K we have worked to make overclocking easier than ever before. So while you might not overclock it right now having that option allows you to extend the lifespan of the processor.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
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