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#1 Bioscanner: Its primary use is detecting native life on planets out to a
distance of 700 LY. When on the bioscanner's findings will be reported in
the ship's log. Using the scanner does not make the ship any more visible to
the enemy than normal. The bioscanner is able to give you a full good scan
of the planet including all metals and surface items.

#2 Probe Launcher: Uses 100 ord units and scans bases within 500ly of the
ship. The probes have a 90% chance of detecting any enemy bases on the
planet. The device has a very hard time detecting Rebel and Birdman bases,
unless there is a Highguard Ranger on the ship and even then the odds are
still low. The Coalition Willow Class Survey Ship has an SDI device that
destroys any probe that would impact any planet within 100 LY of the ship.
If the probe discovers an enemy base it will return a full good scan of the
planet data, including mineral and native amounts.

#3 Spy Scanner: Find high population enemy planets with heavy industry
within 1000 ly. Has a 10% chance of detecting any enemy bases with more than
5 cities and a colonist population of over a million.

#1 Bioscanner: Does it work 100% for all planet in 700 LY ?

In my games I have found many natives planet with this device, but one large
part of the 700 LY range show no natives, make me wonder if the device is
really 100% right, like it said in the description, could be but than a huge
circle of planets have no natives.

#2 Probe Laucher: What is the % of finding the Rebel and Birdman with 1 HG
on board ?

#3 I have no question for the Spy Scanner, the description is crystal clear.
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    #1 No. You have a chance per planet with natives on it. I don't know
    what that chance is.

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