Cat3 vs cat5

Is there any benefit (bandwidth/throughput) when using CAT5 over CAT3 for DSL?
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  1. using it from where to where? For pure DSL, no. On a LAN where your internet connection is DSL, there would be for things other than the DSL. Also in case your network was upgraded in the future.

    Not sure cat 5 costs much more than 3 - is there a reason you want to consider 3?
  2. I have no voice phones in my house. I only have one phone line running into the office for the DSL modem. I would like to run this through my attic instead of outside where the wire is so degraded from the weather, I feel I am losing strength.

    This would go from the NID to the jack in the wall and thus to the DSL modem.

    I have a whole bunch of CAT5 laying around so there really isn't a need for CAT3. I was just curious if I would see a performance increase from what I have NOW to CAT5 I would install soon.
  3. My guess is, if you didn't have the issue of degraded wire (is it worn through anywhere?) just rewiring from cat 3 to cat 5 wouldn't give you a speed increase here. You are before the dsl modem - this signal is designed to run over POTS phone wire even.

    Not a signal expert though, YMMV.
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