Gaming rig+monitor in a briefcase

I plan on making a 24"x15"x6" wooden briefcase to house my gaming rig. I plan on mounting the monitor on the thinner part of the briefcase. This won't be very portable by any means but I think It will be pretty cool. Any suggestions on the design?

amd 1055t
asus m4a89gtd pro/usb3
4gb 1333mhz ocz
700w ocz psu
64 gb ssd
1tb baracuda 7200rpm
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    Just remember Airflow is everything in small enclosures.
    And you will be more suitcase than briefcase.

    But sounds like a fun project!
  2. Yes, I plan to move over my 3 120mm fans along with a 180mm to this mobile case enterprise. I realize this setup will be quite heavy so I may be putting some wheels on it. Hopefully the wood doesn't catch fire. An more design revision suggestions?

    *Note: I may be getting a GTX 580 if the Ipad 2 is not very exciting.
  3. Are you going to use a PCI Express X16 riser card to flip the graphics card so that it's parallel to the motherboard?

    What are you going to use as a CPU cooling solution?
  4. I was going to go back to the standard heat sink and sell my zalman 9700. But I would like some suggestions on low profile coolers. Yes I was planning on moving the video card side ways
  5. Just be sure to come back and post some pictures when your all done :)
  6. H70 cooler for one of your 120mm fans mounted to the side of the case would be slick then you dont sacrafice performance.
  7. Ok 2 new developments today, firstly the ipad 2 was announced, secondly I have 4 upgrade options which I will now list;
    GTX 580
    GTX 570 & h70 & additional 4gb ram kit
    AMD 6950 & h70 & 8 gb ram kit
    Upgrade nothing, buy Ipad 2 and use my existing components in making the case.

    Note: My father is an architect so I have recruited him to help with this build. He will probably make some sketches of the case, I will upload them for you guys to see.
  8. if you still care go with the 570 option. or let us know what you did.
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