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After my computer has been running for a while I hear a noise coming from my cpu cooler. Sounds like some kind of motor. I'm assuming the reason for the noise is the wire for the cooler is touching the cooler's heatsink. I checked all the case fans and they seem to be fine. I have to get a new cpu cooler because my cpu is running too hot (49 C idle). I'm replacing my stock cooler for my Phenom II X4 965 with the thermaltake frio. My question is could there be a problem with my stock cooler? Would it be safe to still use it temporarily?
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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. Luckily the noise has stopped. I will check out the cooler when I replace it, but I haven't notice any damage. I haven't had any problems since I straightened the wire and cleaned the entire system of all traces of dust. The Noise must have been related to the cooler causing the wires to vibrate.
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