Corsair 650D, NZXT Phantom, RV03 or HAF 932? Any better at ~$150?

Hello Dear community,

Corsair 650D
NZXT Phantom
CM HAF 932
I was wondering any info regarding these cases. Which is better on what, etc. Your opinion in the overall best of all, as well as any other suggestion. Looking for something cool, cool looking and quiet. Also with room for upgrades and quality. Thanks a lot!
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    The very best from your given options are the RV03 and the 650D.. Quality wise, both are doubt free (i.e. excellent).. The RV03 is better in cooling and silence terms whereas the 650D is awesome with its cable management scheming.. Can't go wrong with either of them.. You can safely pick one among those two based on which looks good to you.. The RV03 is more aggressive with its looks whereas the 650D chooses to be more elegant and understated..
  2. Yeah, I am leaning t the 650D... Seem seems spacious, Is the RV02 better that RV03, since it is a little more expensive? Do you have any of these cases?
  3. I have the RV02.. And yes it is lovely.. Though I cannot figure out why is it more costlier compared to the RV03.. The RV03 looks a very much improved model of the RV02 minus one fan..
  4. From the 2 I prefer the RV02... How loud is it? Did you still have the stock fans?
  5. Well I have the RV02 with the non AP181 fans.. And to me they are very quiet.. Wonder how much quietness and/or improved cooling the AP181 fans provide..!! If you are considering getting the RV02 then keep in mind that both the 650D and the RV03 provide front USB 3.0 ports (if that matters to you).. The RV02 provides only USB 2.0..
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