GPU causing problems with monitor?

Hello, Thanks for taking the time to read my question.

I seem to be having difficulties with my 2nd monitor. Its a Hanns-g HZ251, and i just recently purchased it and hooked it up.

After having both of my 25 in monitors hooked up to my Ati HD 5770, I noticed that the new Monitor seems to be....buggy, a bit.

To elaborate, the picture is not near as clear as my first monitor. Its a tad bit fuzzy around the lettering, and it puts more of a strain on the eyes then my other monitor. I also notice, that even though the second monitors resolution is the same as my other monitor, I have a nice half inch black band around the edge of the monitor. Im not quite sure whats going on. If anyone has any ideas, Id appreciate the help.

Thanks again for reading!

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  1. Try interchanging the connected ports on the 5770......
    See if the old monitor gives the same black strip all around like your new one does on the particular port you have connected it to.
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