What Old System Do You Have?

So, what kind of old computers do you guys have laying around? Just curious to see what kind of old PC's the Tom's community members have, that's all. I have a Socket A build with a Duron 700 in it, that still works. Just need a HDD for it.
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  1. God i've got some junk!

    Got these old CPU's Athlon 900, Athlon XP 1500 + PIII Slot one 700. oh and two socket 370 P3 900's. ( i should have a clear out) However i found in my loft a few weeks ago a 45MB hard disk! Yea 45MB LOL it's huge!!! wonder if it still works. I remember it was in my 386 all them years ago!
  2. Cool. You'll be able to put a ton of games on that drive you found :lol:
  3. As far as old computers THAT I STILL USE, my daily rig is homebuilt with am2 BE2400, 2 gigs ram, 200gb hdd, and XP. Built that about 4 years ago now! Popped in an HD4650 recently to play a few older titles.

    My vacation home uses a Dell R450 (circa 1998) with a 440BX board and a 1.3Ghz Taulatin Celeron on a modded slotcket, and 192mb of ram, running windows 2000 and an ATI Rage128 card. I play vintage games on it sometimes, and otherwise use it as a dvd player.
    I have parts to a K6-2 system I'd like to eventually put together for a garage puter for MP3s and PDF fix-it manuals.
  4. I have a working Mac SE running 6.0.8. :love: Complete with working ImageWriter, which still has a working tape. Occasionally I boot it up and print a page for giggles. In 2000 I (no joke) typed my sr thesis on that thing on MacWrite. :sol:

    I also have a working Performa 4-something with 12MB of RAM (OH MY GAWED :o :o :o )
  5. My "backup" machine that still sees regular use is a P4 3.0 GHz, 2GB RAM, HD 4650.

    Right next to it, I have an original IBM PCjr that still works. I probably fire it up about once every 3 months to play some old game or other. It has the max expansion to get it up to 256KB of RAM, to go along with the whopping 4.77MHz processor and no hard drive. Somewhere, I have a 300 bps modem for it.
  6. Cool. It fascinates me that some of these ancient PC's still work. My backup PC that isn't used regularly is a Dell Dimension E310 with a P4@2.8, 512mb RAM, and Win XP.
    That one is just in case my main PC would ever be out of commission for a while. 300bps modem? lol I wonder how slow that would be
  7. The word "glacial" comes to mind.
  8. jsc said:
    The word "glacial" comes to mind.

    Yeah your right :lol:
  9. For conversational purposes, I wish I could say that I still have my old K6 or P 75, but I always use my computers until they are beyond dead and then toss out most everything. Last machine I threw out was a first gen dual core Athlon e-Machine, with 512DDR and I think an 80GB HDD.
  10. I have a P3 of some sort. I might set it up to play wing commander 3..? The first one with mark hammil in it. On any of my other computers it does the thing with horizontal lines which bugs me to no end. Oh, and it also crashes to desktop for no apparent reason.

    Besides that I have my original gaming computer (which had been sold to a friend for use as his gaming computer, then bought back when he upgraded) which is a 3200+ 939 socket AMD system that is now my file/print server.
  11. Hearing about all these old PC's kind of makes me want to mess around with that Socket A build I have laying around. Need a hard drive for it though, so I can't do much with it for now.
  12. I'm kinda surprised you don't just have a random PATA drive laying around.
  13. Nope. I'm pretty new to PC's so I don't have a bunch of random parts laying around yet lol
  14. Golly, I must be old skool. I still have an 8088 8mhz (12 with turbo on!!!) and 640kb ram! 5 1/4 double density floppy drive (they actually bend, hence the name floppy). Its rockin DOS 6.22. I still have original install disks for windows 3.0, 3.1, 3.11WFW, NT 3.51, 4.0 etc... eesh, now I feel old. I think our Tandy TRS-80 mk3 is still in my parents basement somewhere... It didn't even have floppy drives, we used audio cassette tapes.

    I also still have my Pentium 120 I built, P3 550 I built, and my last build was a P4 prescott 3.2; I think some Sandy Bridge posts will be headed ya'lls way soon.
  15. Cool does that 8088 build still work?
  16. Well The 8088 has me beat my oldest is a gateway 400mhz with 256 megs 40gb hdd and the original 15in monitor loaded with windows 98Se still play old games on it, duke Nukem, Doom, Redneck Rampage, Silent Hunter
  17. Neat.^ What CPU is in that Gateway?
  18. Yep, I still boot the 8088 every so often. If I recall it only has a 20mb hard disk. CGA color monitor, with a button to switch between full color, green on black and orange on black.
  19. Cool. Can you do anything on it?
  20. oh yeah, I still have several games on it, but its laughable and more just a nostalgic trip down memory lane.
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