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Graphics card Vs Resolution

Ok, so i plan on playing at 1920x1080i (or P, not sure if that matters) 60-120 hz (might get a new tv.) Card is 100 % for gaming(aion, cod, SCII, civilization 5, diablo 3(one day) and the like) , what would be a better choice 6950 or gtx 570?.. i dont really care about rediculous FPS as long as it plays smooth with not hitches and i want to be able to max all my settings. I plan on getting the new i5 k series SB when it comes out if that matters any.
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    First off, for computer gaming, I hear very bad reports for 1080i. Definately look at 1080p if you have a choice.

    I personally prefer the 6950, but there are good reasons to choose the 570 too.

    Based on your game list, you probably don't care about PhysX, but the 570 does have that as an advantage.

    The 6950 as AA advantages with supersampling and morphilogical.

    And I've been finding that the 2gb of vram is useful in smoothing out a few suttering spots in games. Mostly the 2gb's is a waste, but it does appear to help on occation.
  2. Bystander has some good points, apparently reference 6950s atm can be made 6970s you can check that out its a post on these forums, that could be another factor in being swayed into a 6950.
  3. Just be aware that a 120Hz HDTV is not the same as a 120Hz monitor. A 120Hz and 240Hz HDTV refers to the amount of video processing the HDTV does to improve smoothness.

    If you're gonna play games on a HDTV you need to set it to 60Hz or Game Mode mode so that there is no video processing which will cause input lag.
  4. Video card, video adapter, graphics card, video card, or the graphics card is an expansion card, and its function is to produce the output image to the display. Many video cards offer additional features such as speed up the rendering of 3D scenes and 2D graphics, video capture, TV tuner adapter, MPEG-2/MPEG-4 decoding, FireWire, light pen, TV output, or can connect multiple monitors . I think the card is the best clearity.
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