GeForce GTS 250 1G from GT 9800

Well I've been looking to upgrade my GT 9800 in search of small gains in all around computing and finally just settled for a GTS 250. My GPU related priorities, listed in order, are: Photoshop CS5, playing 1080p movies, low level home video editing on Vegas 9 and Movie Maker, and then gaming. I hope I made a good choice from a value standpoint. It's an EVGA GeForce GTS 250 1G from 'egg for $54 after rebates. I'm on a Q6600, 8GB DDR2, 120GB SSD (with a few other HDDs for files and media), running Windows 7 Home x64. No matter how much I read and researched, I just couldn't make sense of all the video card discussions and data. I figured this would give me a little upgrade bump/placebo effect to keep me from jumping the gun on upgrading the CPU, PSU, RAM, and MoBo until after the Sandy Bridge release impacts the CPU market. I'm hoping for rock bottom pricing on either a i7 1156/1336 or an i5 1156 system.
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  1. Not really much gains there...I mean, the price is right, but you won't see too much more in terms of increased performance. Probably ~20% or so, in gaming. Can't speak for much else.
  2. agreed more of a sideways upgrade then anything, not worth then money, go for at least a 4870/ gtx 260 or better which can be found on ebay for about 70-100 dollars that is probly your best bet unless you were willing to spend money on a card like a gtx 460/ hd 6850 which I consider to be the best value oriented cards out now. Also what psu make and model do you have? you should also look into overclocking your cpu
  3. if your just using it mainly for photoshop and such, your not really going to notice any difference. Gaming you will notice a small boost. Also, rebates will take months to come back usually, if they come back at all.
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