Airflow in Fractal R3: Positive or Negative?

I purchased a Fractal Design R3 (white version looks SICK inside and out) and it'll be coming in 1-2 days.

I have a 955 with a Hyper 212 and more importantly, a HIS 5850 which exhausts half air out the backplate and the other half inside my case.

I've read this:

The logic is that negative air pressure hurts because air wants to go into the case, meaning my graphics card has to work harder. Conversely positive helps because air wants to get the heck outta my case and that's what my graphics card wants to happen. Look at the flash animation in that silverstone link to understand this logic.

Seems like positive pressure what I want, meaning I will install one more 120mm fan into my R3 front panel and have the one exhaust with all of the Moduvents closed (basically the optional fan slots covered.


Any owners of any Fractal's cases please comment! Any sort of comments, frustrations or things you are particularly pleased by from fractal?
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    Tried both posi and neg setups in my case which can have 6 120mm fans and cannot see any difference with dust, but with negative airflow, much cooler components and that includes a gpu which exhausts in to the case.
  2. I prefer a slight positive pressure inside the case. Of course, balanced would be best but there is no such thing.
  3. Slightly positive is better, especially with a case with dust filters. It means they'll be working properly.

    the FT02 is a positive pressure case and the best air-cooled case out there.
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  5. positive airflow only works if the air is getting pushed out of a particular duct or vent, this allows you to control direction of airflow. In my experience negative always gets lower temps than positive.
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