Equivalent to DDR (PC2100S)

is there an equivalent to 256MB DDR SDRAM (PC2100S) im not quite shure if this will work but put this in google and maby youll be able to help me

(1GB DDR-333 (PC-2700) SO-DIMM Laptop Memory Module) copy this to google itll help
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  1. There's no equivalent, but PC2700 may be compatible. However it's difficult to say because you didn't provide the make and model number of your laptop.
  2. Thanks my laptop is a Toshiba satellite 1200 series
  3. Your laptop supports a maximum of 1GB of memory in 2 slots. You can't install PC133 SODIMM, 3.3V memory modules larger than 512 MB.

    http://www.memorystock.com/memory/ToshibaSatellite1200Series.html I haven't found any site that sells PC2100S memory for that laptop; they all sell PC133 memory modules.
  4. if you find a good memory with 2 512s tell me please but sofar you ve ben the greatest help
  5. The link that I provided seems to be the cheapest for brand new modules.

    You can also search eBay for "512mb pc133 laptop memory". I believe that most kits are compatible with your laptop, unless they are designed for a specific system. Always check compatibility with the seller.
  6. thank you
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