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This is the first time I've had to install a new graphics card, and I am slightly confused (and a bit clueless!). The 6-pin connector has 2 connectors coming out of it, and I can only find one place that will hold one of them. Do I need to connect both of them? If not, do I have to connect a particular one? Sorry if I sound like a noob :P
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  1. If your gts 450 has a 6pin connector, you can completely ignore the extra 2 pins on your connector, their just incase u need a 8pin and dont have a "whole" 8 pin cable.
  2. If you talking about the y-connector that comes with the GFX card the thats a 2x molex connector to a single 6pin. All you need to connect is one of them. Don't worry about the other, its just their if you want to connect a fan, another product, or to use with PSUs that have mutiple rails if 1 rail doesn't provide enough amps.
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