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I'm putting together my first system and have an i7-970 and g1 assassin mobo. both support 24 gb (I'm assuming thats 24 total, not 24=24=48 gb) of RAM. The i7-970 supports 1066, the g1 assassin supports 1066, 1333, and 2200 mhz. both support tripple channel.

I plan to use it for some gaming and a bit of video rendering using daz and poser.

am I better off with 3x4 gb at 1333 mhz and cas latency of 7, or 1600 mhz and cas of 9 (they cost the same at the moment and are the same brand). If I tell it I want 6x4 gb, it brings up hex channel memory, that's not compatible with tripple channel is it (slightly cheaper than 2 triple channel kits)?

Also, the cpu has three memory slots and the mobo 6, both support double and tripple channel, does it make a performance difference how I set up the memory with 3x4 or 6x4 gb (meaning 1 dual channel on cpu and 2 dual on mobo vs1 triple channel on each in the case of 6x4, or tripple channel mobo vs tripple channel on cpu in the case of 3x4) ?
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  1. First, 1333 RAM is cheaper and it's a lot safer because Intel doesn't recommend people to go over 1333 and the speed gains are minimal. Faster timings are usually worth it in the long run.

    Just get 1 triple channel kit.
  2. I'd take the tighter timings all day long.
  3. whatever you choose........ if it's a triple channel mobo run 3 sticks not 4. and I read an article about running 6 sticks vs running 3.......... if I could find it I'd post it ( perhaps maximumPC magazine )......... it has something to do with how the Intel processor reads memory. 3 sticks will be faster than 6 because of it.
  4. it's dual and triple channel. so I could do pairs in dual or a triplet. I sent the manufacturer an email for their input and they are recommending the 1600 mhz one, although I'm not completely sold as they are also asking me to consider a 2400 mhz option which seems crazy.

    and back to the first post, both were 74.99 from the same manufacturer for 3x4 gb at the specifications above and 1.5 volts (which I was told not to deviate from by intel). The 1600 actually dropped $5 today and is cheaper
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