F1 2010 & 460 768mb - Does this framerate seem about right?

So ive recently purchased a zotac 768mb synergy 460 and overclocked it to 850/1700/4200. Im just wondering if my framerate for F1 2010 sounds about right for my setup? The rest of it being an AMD 955@3.4Ghz with the NB@2.4Ghz, Sapphire AM3RS790G, 2x2GB of crucial 1333mhz ram. On ultra settings with 8xMSAA at a res of 1360x768 ( i game on my old sony tv) i get a max of 42fps and a minimum of 37fps in the in game benchmark. The reason i ask is i saw a review of a gigabyte 460 768 which was clocked around the same as mine and at a res of 1600x900 with 4xAA they had a max of 52 and a minimum of around 46?
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