Want to upgrade processor for an HP Pavillion 6500n

I know very little about computers. I have a 3 part question. What processor chips work with a HP pavillion 6500n? If I upgrade the processor chip, what are my options/what should i use? Will it make a big difference? I'm looking to spend less than 10 bucks (ebay style). I can replace the processor myself...but do i have to do something programming-wise after i drop it in?...or is it just plug and play?
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  1. Your system is too old to upgrade. I don't recommend it. Some of these pc's use old k6 cpus that run hot and have limited upgrade options. Cpuz (a free download) will id your motherboard chipset if you decide to do it anyway. A few venders such as starmicro may have k6 cpus for under ten dollars but you won't notice any big performance increase. For windows 7, you need a modern cpu running above 1000 hertz and 2 gbs of ram. I found an asus sli board with 4 gb of ram for only $50 yesterday, and a complete am2 system with 2 gb of ram for the same a few days ago. Both were on my local craigslist. Just do your homework and some haggling for a good deal. If you decide to sell your old hp, format the drive and reinstall windows if you have a backup cd; many don't come with one. You have to burn it yourself. If you install a newer cpu, you won't have to do anything special with windows. Just be sure you reinstall the heatsink correctly and your bios can handle the cpu. That's the main question with newer pc's: can the bios recognize a newer cpu.
  2. o1die said:
    If you decide to sell your old hp, format the drive and reinstall windows

    If you do sell your PC, I'd do more than format the drive. I would replace it, or do a secure wipe with a programme on the UBCD: http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/

    Files are still recoverable from a formatted HDD.
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