Upgrade worth it?

Hello Everyone :hello:

I am contemplating whether or not I should upgrade my rig.

Current specs:

i3 530 2.9ghz @ 3.5Ghz
ECS P55h-a (crossfire @ 8x8x supported)
Transcend aXe RAM 4gb 2000mhz @ 1600mhz
XFX HD 4890
Huntkey 700watt PSU
Aero Cool PGS RS-9 case
*Multiple hard drives (I will keep all)

I am able to get the following rig for just R7500 (just over $1000)

Intel i5 LGA1156 QUAD-Core (2.66Ghz)(i5-750)
Kingston ddr3-1800 C9 (4GIG)
ASUS III Formula
Seagate 500GIG 32MEG CACHE
Cooler Master Centurion Case
Raidmax 700WATT PSU
Creative SupremeFX X-Fi Sound Card
7 Coolermaster 120mm Fans (4xBlue) (3-Black)

I will put all the best parts in the Aero Cool case and build around there. Any suggestions? Should i buy the new rig?

Thanks in advance...
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  1. Hello CD,
    Whats the upgrade for? Gaming? That i3 530 @ 3.5Ghz really isn't bad at all.
    I think you'd be good with just a video card upgrade. (and maybe a better power supply)
  2. Yes, gaming, at 1920x1080. I'm not dissatisfied with my current rig. I just thought it would be a good upgrade considering the cost (R7500), brand new it would cost over R11500. Bearing in mind I can sell my rig for about R6000, I think it is worth it.
  3. A GTX480 here, in South Africa, costs R5000 by the way.
  4. With the new socket 1155 i5-2500K and P67 motherboards on the way into the market you'd better get a really GOOD price on the i5-750 system.
    Are you seeing any of those around there?

    No one is going to be thrilled about a Raidmax power supply. Do you have an option to get a better one?
  5. The rig with the GTX480, to me, is a bargain. A single 480 costs R5000 and the i5 750 about R1300 (I can get the whole rig for R7500). The only socket 1155 boards available are the M-ATX and ITX Intel boards. An i5 2500k is R2000.

    A PSU upgrade has been in the back of my mind for a long time now. I will soon get a good Corsair power supply.
  6. There are other good PSUs besides Corsair- but yes, it's hard to go wrong with one of those.
  7. I've always liked corsair... I'm thinking something like the TX 750 Watt.
  8. for the psu imo the corsair 650'll do ya, newegg did a build running 2 5870s and the intel i7 980x on a corsair 650. but idk, depends on what you're looking at in teh future as far as possible upgrades
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