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Pls help on deciding a GPU

I'm planning to upgrade GPU from HD4850 512Mb to GTX460 1GB/ GTX470 1.28GB/ HD6870 1GB

In India prices are as follows:
Asus HD6850 1GB = Rs.11500
MSI GTX460 1GB Cyclone = Rs.11500
Asus GTX460 1GB DirectCU = Rs.12500
Asus HD6870 1GB = Rs.14000 (Not in ready stock...need to wait for a week)
MSI GTX470 1.28GB = Rs.16500 (This card is out of stock now...And they are not planning to get new stock in near future..)
Saphire HD6870 = Rs.17800
Asus GTX470 1.28GB = Rs.18500

I am planning on buying a single card.... no provision for CF/ SLI, as my motherboard is Hybrid SLI(nVidia 720a). And i won't do multi-monitor setting in near future.
After reading lots of reviews, i came to think of Asus GTX460 DirectCU (not the TOP version) as good. But was in doubt, if it would be good for 1920x1080 gameplay.
Games i play includes Metro 2033, Left 4 Dead2, NFS HP, Darkest of Days, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Sacred 2, Oblivion, FallOut 3, etc.

Processor: AMD Phenom II X2 550 BE @ 3.1GHz
PSU : CoolerMaster Silent Pro M600
Monitor : Asus VH242H (1920x1080)
M.board : Asus M3N-H/HDMI
Memory : 2x2GB DDR2 800MHz

Please help me decide...
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  1. Any one ....!??
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    The DirectCU is a great choice but the Cyclone also has very nice cooling if you want to save a bit of money. The GTX 460 will do quite well at 1080p and can overclock a very large amount as well(usually 30%+.)
  3. Get nVidia, it's the best :P
  4. GTX460 or GTX470...!!?
  5. The GTX 470 is better of course but given the prices you listed I'm not sure it is worth it.
  6. If you aren't gonna push too far, a GTX 460 would do good.
  7. I sugest you GTX 460 also ... it's the better choice.
  8. What about Asus HD6870 1GB..??
  9. Here is a performance chart for the cards you are considering;
    With that you can look at the prices and compare the performance and decide what you think is the best way to spend your money.
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