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I need to share my neighbours Internet connection, as the only decent ISP wont connect my house, and Wi-Fi point to point link seams to be the best option.

I have done some reading on this subject and made a sketch for the required setup as I understand it. It would be really appreciated if some of you, who have done anything like this before, could give some feedback, as I have limited budget and can't really afford to buy the wrong hardware.

Situation is as follows:

Distance between houses are some 80 m (~260 feet) and all obstacles are lower than the second floor so should not create any problems if devices will be located higher. (My roof is only a sheet of plywood and that rubber like thingy, so should not create much signal loss. Not sure about neighbour thought, but locating antenna near window might be possible.)

Neighbour has a DSL modem

Here is my sketch of planed setup:

I already have one 5GHz directional antenna, so will be buying two wireless routers and wireless card for desk PC (or just connect PC to the router with a length of good old cat5 cable).

So, the main question is - does this look right?
Will I be able to get a good connection in these circumstances with only one directional antenna and omni on the neighbours side?
Will it be possible to use router #2 both to speak with router #1 using directional antenna and to my client devices using omni antenna (neighbour doesn't have any wi-fi devices, so no need for that on router #1)?

Second question (or group of questions) - can the setup be made simpler?
I am a bit confused how exactly these two routers will work.. Maybe only the router #1 needs to be router and device #2 works only as repeater (wireless bridge?) so that my client devices think that they are connecting directly to router #1?

And the third - what I need to look at, when buying those routers?
Will this router will do? What technologies need to be supported by router #1 and #2 ?

Than you for your time and please excuse my sloppy English!

EDIT: Sorry for misspelled and miswritten thread title! It was meant to be "Wi-Fi point to point setup".
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  1. For this to work both routers (or wireless devices) must support WDS -- and preferably be of the same brand.

    260 feet through 2 roofs and trees may be a bit of a gamble. .
  2. Thanks, mate! Useful info there.

    I will look into possible outdoor antennas then.
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