5850 not displaying + high fan speed???

Hello, i have had this card about 2 odd months now and was running with no problems. turned on my computer this morning to find it not displaying at all and fan was loud maybe 100% speed. now i have not changed anything from turning it off last night to this morning and its been working fine for 2 months could this be a fault with the card?.

i have done checks to cables and drivers but to no avail. everything else is working fine using the on board mb card atm.

system is incase anyone is intrested:
mb: asrock 880g extreme3
proes: amd 955be
ram: gskill 4gb(2x2gb)
hd: 500gb seagate
ps: 700w coolmasters silent pro
gcard: poxy sapphire hd5850 :P

hope someone can help thanks.
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  1. I assume it's stil under warranty as you've only had it for 2 months, so wisest thing would be to RMA the card. There are 99% chances that it's the card causing it from what you said.
  2. well from the symptoms it sounds like the card got bricked, you werent trying to flash the bios were you?
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