im buying an HP dv7t se it has capabilities of TV tuner with media software included
i want to use my laptop to connect directly to ATT TV what kind of connections are available
HP sells a coax hook up laptop has hdmi should i be able to connect to it?
or maybe wireless? any input will be helpful this is new to me but something i want to be able to do
i have 100 hrs of bible study on the DVR that i want to burn to DVD discs or download to laptop without investing $200
for a DVD recorder

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  1. There are USB TV Tuner sticks with a coax cable input, one of those might work for you. Here are all the ones from newegg

    I just got my mother a Hauppauge TV Tuner card and the included software seems to work pretty well and it works good in Windows 7 with Windows Media Center.
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