Best Wireless Mouse for Games and Softwares?

Hi, I need a Laser mouse most for games and Photoshop:

-Wireless 2.4 (Not Bluetooth)
-Length: About 10cm or 4inch (at most 11cm)
-Two left side buttons (good for FPS gaming)
-Good battery life (Not bothering too much)
-Tilt wheel
-Handy for right hand and game playing and...
-Less than $100 :D

G9x --> Is not wireless and a bit big

MS X8 --> Very Big and bad scroll

Logitech Anywhere --> No middle click on the wheel
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  1. I've just been looking into the same. You can drive yourself daft looking into it! I went with the Logitech M510...feels fine to me. If you're a twitch-gamer on FPS, it might not be ideal, but I generally play MMOs and strategy games, so it's not too important to me.

    The Logitech G700 is double the price, is a gaming mouse and has good reviews (apart from with Bit-Tech).

    Up to you - depends how 'into it' you want to get.
  2. Thanks Diellur
    Unfortunately M510 and G700 are big for my hand, And i guess M510 is not Hyper-Fast.
    Dimensions at most: 10.5 x 6.5 x 4.5 cm
    Thanks again for the answer.
  3. I dont know what you mean by hyper fast but for most computer work I love my microsoft 5000 wireless blue laser mouse. Unfortunately one side button is on the right and the other is on the left.
  4. What about the Roccat Pyra? I've not used it, but it was in my short-list. It's designed as a notebook gaming mouse so might fit your needs.
  5. Thanks guys
    Even though i didn't find my favourite mouse yet, But instead I have found this good website and forum.

    Hyper-fast scrolling (From Logitech website):
    One spin is all it takes

    Scroll. Lift finger. Repeat. And repeat. And repeat.

    Sound familiar? If you’re tired of inch-worming through long documents and Web pages, take hyper-fast scrolling for a spin to fly instead of crawl.

    See all mice with hyper-fast scrolling,en?filter=f67&sort=s4

    Scroll a lot?

    Your spreadsheets and documents are getting longer. Your digital photo and music libraries are bursting at the seams. And you’re glued to long Web pages that have you scrolling and scrolling and …. To get through it all, you’re doing a whole lot of scrolling. We’re talking 26 feet of it in your average eight-hour day, according to a Logitech study.

    That’s where hyper-fast scrolling comes in.

    From zero to line 10,000 in 7 seconds

    When you need to do some long-distance scrolling, hyper-fast scrolling unleashes the speed demon inside. What’s going on under the hood? The ratchet-scrolling mechanism you’re used to retracts so the wheel can spin with virtually no friction.

    Seven seconds. That’s how long some of our scroll wheels spin freely—speeding you through hundreds of pages or thousands of rows.

    And, oh yeah, it’s got precision handling too. With normal click-to-click scrolling, you can navigate your lists, slides, and images with the line-by-line control you need.
  6. absolutely useless feature and is all hype. i havent come across 1 page on the net that took me more than 10 seconds to get to the bottom to and thats with a normal mouse. and if your talking long documents like a book then you would use the find page functions in the application your using to view it... also most mice will have a scroll wheel tweeker, where you can assign how it works, either line by lin, multiple lines or page by page. that really is just sales crap and should be ignored.

    as far as wirelss gaming mice there is no such thing. there are a few attampts at it like the raza mamba and logitech g700 but they suffer the same as normal mice in that they get sluggish a good while b4 there batteries run out. they may have 30+ hours in them but they will only work effectively for 2/3rds of that time.
    as with everything wireless theres a premium to be had, add into that the word gaming and your paying x2 the price of what you would normally for a wired version of the same product.

    if wireless is a necessity then razer offer 1 of the best products in its mamba, and you can also use it in wired mode which is a huge bonus for this kind of mouse.
    it also has good palm feel being based on the lachesis and is relatively lite to move around the desk or surface. but at around the 100 pounds mark its not cheap.
  7. I love the speed scroll on my Logitech G500. It may sound like a gimmick, but I use mine a lot - not one day goes by with me not using it. That said, I do browse forums a lot and I tend to do long lines of pictures or music. It's useful, but if you haven't used it yet you won't really miss it.

    EDIT: But for the rest I agree with HEXiT. Wireless =/= gaming. Wireless = delay, which is something you cannot afford in high-speed gaming. Also, batteries and setup is often an issue. I prefer - STAY AWAY!!!
  8. Hi again
    After some search --> Hyper-Fast is a useless feature (Thanks to HeXiT)
    I have changed my first post a bit.
    And a bit some more search, have found 3 more options:
    Logitech M510 (Thanks to Diellur)
    Gear Head LMT3600BLK

    Any ideas or options?
  9. The Gigabyte M7700 I've also seen, and while Gigabyte is kinda new to gaming mice, I'm willing to say it's a decent mouse. Not really "gaming grade" though.

    Gear Head I don't know about, probably because it's not available in South Africa.

    Logitech M510, I don't know. I've heard talks about stuttery cursors and non-responsive trackers. Eh?

    I think the only type of mouse I would've picked with your requirements is something like the Logitech G700 or the Razer Orochi. Both are wired + wireless mice, meaning you can choose if you want to use it wired or wireless for whatever purpose you want to use it for.
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