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Hello, it is my first build ever and I'm going to purchase my parts from There are several items that say "20$ Rebate card, or 15$ Rebate card" etc. Well, I don't really understand how those rebate cards work. I will receive these in-mail rebate cards when I purchased the item? So that 15$ rebate card can be used in my NEXT purchase from that brand? Can you explian me more clearly please.
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  1. When you buy the item, you have to download the PDF form newegg provides, fill that out and mail it in with a UPC code from the box of the product, after 4-8 weeks they will send you a prepaid visa card with the amount of the rebate on it, its quite a bit of waiting to get the rebate, it doesnt come with the item but you can use it on anything you want.
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