I Can not Update my ATi Display Driver

I have Tune up Utilities which has all the usual Registry cleaners and and uninstall programs.

I have tried to completely remove everything relating to my HD 5770 GPU and removed; CCC and all its components drivers and audio drivers that ATI use.

After which i tried to install the drivers and CCC again, to no prevail. Every time it just brings up the same warning FAIL on the display driver.

Everything works however and i can play all my games that i have except recently i wanted to install Shadow of Chernobyl and install the Stalker Complete Mod 2009 to give the game some subtle twists and changes.

The game runs and i can hear the intro playing and can hear it arrive at the menu screen, because i can hear the distinct background music but i can't see anything.

Can anyone help with this driver issue cos im sure this is what is causing it. Stalker is notoriously stroppy when it comes to out of date drivers especially with audio ones.

The only thing i can think of is my system isn't powerful enough but this isn't the behavior i would expect to see if a system was struggling with a game.

My system before you ask is as follows:

Phenom II 955 at stock clocks (latest BIOS is confirmed and installed)

ASUS M3N32 WiFi edition MOBO

2 sticks of paired ram from OCZ DDR2 800mhz (reaper heatpipe edition)

Western Digital Raptor X 150Gb HD

I have a coolermaster 750W PSU

GPU is a Powercolor HD 5770 PCS+ running at 900 for core and 1300 Mhz for memory

All latest drivers on BIOS audio, and every other bit of hardware. The only thing i havent changed is the SB600 drivers but i dont know how to and dont even think they need to be updated.

I am running VISTA 64 BIT

Any ideas
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  1. Revert any OC you have on the card first, uninstall you current drivers then download and install driver sweeper and run it under safe mode to remove all the leftover files, then reboot and install the newest drivers.
  2. Whats a good FREE driver sweeper?
  3. I mean i ran registry cleaner and uninstalled using windows and unistalled using hardware manager and manually deleted any remaining files on my harddrive and it still didn't work.

    Annoys me that i have to go through this BS just to update my driver on a graphics card. I have never had to do this before it allways just seemed to work with me. Oh well ill give it a shot and ill let you know how it turns out.

    Cheers for quick reply Wiinippongamer
  4. The software is called Driver Sweeper literally, You cant get it form Guru3D and it's 100% free, also works 100% of the time when running under safe mode
  5. I also had errors and warnings every time I'd install a new CCC. Even after running Driver Sweeper, running the CCC uninstall and trying other things didn't work. What I ended up doing was running the ATI Catalyst Install Manager and removing it. I then rebooted, cleaned the registry with CCleaner. I then booted into safe mode, ran Driver Sweeper. I rebooted, ran CCleaner again. I rebooted again (not quite sure if all these reboots are required but, oh well) then went into Device Manager. I expanded the "Display Adapters" tab, right clicked the "ATI Radeon HD XXXX Series" one and clicked "uninstall." Rebooted. This finally worked. Hope this helps.
  6. Ive done those steps to avail. Ive uninstalled everything from Cataylst control center and all drivers to manually removing the folders under my programs.

    I even went into the hardware list and uninstalled the hardware aswell.

    I ran registry cleaner on Tuneup Utilities 2010 and fixed any errors that came up.

    I then booted under safe mode and ran Driver Sweeper and cleaned all ATi Drivers and any other files linked with ATi.

    I booted back up normally and checked msconfig to see if there were any programs or services running under ATI, Nothing.

    Re-installed the latest CCC and drivers package that is up on AMD's website (double checked it was correct and have even tried to install just the display driver. And it still comes up with fail on the display driver. Everything else works and it even plays games still like S.T.A.L.k.E.R and Battlefield Bad Company 2 with no problems CCC works and allows me to change and alter any settings but windows shows the card as being uninstalled and shows no driver information under properties. When i installed stalker it also showed that my system had 0GB of graphics card.

    I have also tried to install from the CD that was bundled with the card to try and atleast install the card properly until i work out a way of sorting this issue out but that hasn't worked either.

    I've turned on windows problem reporting to see if there are any solutions through that, nothing.

    The only other thing i can think of is zapping the harddrive and starting from scratch which is a pain in the arce. seeing as i don't have a floppy driver and have no idea how to format it. i only have a OEM copy of vista 64bit which doesn't bring up the option of formating the driver when i place it in the computer because its a 1 install only.
  7. If a clean don't solve then it's the card that came deffective.
  8. but ive updated loads of times on the card and its never gave me problems ive had it since last xmas and its worked fine since.
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