Will this power supply work?

I am building a new system for my dh. I have what I need for him. I also have a couple of other computers that I am going to move the parts around so we end up with a kids computer and one for each of my husband and I. I have a dell xps 8300 but I can't fit my drives in very well so plan on putting in an i3-2100 for the kids and taking the i7-2600, video card and hard drives and do a build for me in a new case. I was wondering if this power supply will work to use in mine.

My computer will have:
gpu HD5670 ( I do work in CS5, no games so this is okay)
2 Seagate HDD 7200 rpm HDD's
1 SSD (to come)
mobo to be selected

I have the following power supply in our family computer right now. The power supply is only a month or two old so if I could use it when I build mine in the new case, that would be great. I think 500W is probably fine, I just wasn't sure on the specs if I could put it in a new system. It is a power and cooling psu.
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    Yes that power supply is very much sufficient for your build..
  2. Thanks so much!
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