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P5Q PRO TURBO motherboard

I have an asus P5Q PRO TURBO motherboard in my system, w/4gigs DDR2-800, xfx HD 5770 video card- Is there anything I can do to speed-up/upgrade this system. :o :bounce:
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  1. Just to upgrade your video card. The CPU's for socket 775 are verry expensive.
  2. If i decided to y upgrade v-card, where should I go from the HD 5770.
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    You can add a SSD for the OS drive and that would make the overall perfomance of the Pc a little snappier and programs would open faster and web pages too.
    What specificaly do you want to speed up , productivity or gaming? What OS do you have?,3107-7.html

    This is a chart of all the video cards and where they fall in order from top to bottom and which cards from each comany compares to the other. It looks like a 6870 or a 560Ti would be an upgrade for the video card. How much are you looking to spend on this upgrade.
  4. I still use XP pro, and I am trying enhance the overall perfomance. I want to see what I can get out of this system, to avoid the expense of an
    entire system make over. By the way, I am using an SSD for my OSdrive.
  5. I would consider spending maybe a couple hundred, if I can get substantial improvement.
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