Second time build, need suggestions

Hey all, new here well this is my second build (first one by my self).
So my last build was about a couple of days ago. Me and my brother built it. i picked the parts and paid 1500 approx but he loved how well it ran so he paid me 1700 and bought it off me. So im building again and need advice. my old build was as follows:
Cpu-i7 2600k ( want to use the same one)
Mobo: Gigabyte p67a-ud3(we bought 2 of these because we found them when they werent on sale so ill use that one till the p8p67 pro comes out then ill switch to that)
Ram: 8gb's XMS3(suggest what to use)
Case: Haf-932(wanna try something different)
GPU: Evga GTX 570 SC(dont know what to get for this one, dont want just an identical system but if thats the best for my price range thats fine. ( will probably SLI or XF with whatever i get in future)
PSU: Corsair HX-850 (suggest something new wanna try new supplies.)
HD Samsung f3-raptor(we bought 2 for raid, but ended up using only one, so i will use this)
SD suggest
Heatsink: Hyper 212+ (want to try H50 this time)

WILL BE USED FOR GAMING. and my monitor resolution is 32" 1080p (1920x1080)

Please advise thank you. Im in USA btw.
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  1. i5-2500K gives you more "bang for buck" and is $100 less.

    P67 motherboard? Tell me you know about the defect and recall, they will be back on full retail in April and fixed ones this month.

    XMS3 is a good quality budget solution for the RAM, I assume you plan to budget on the full $1700? Have a look for some G.Skill Ripjaws

    Case: Just get whatever you like, have a look for some good reviews and remember not to buy a mATX one.

    Graphics: Get a GTX560 and SLi later, more "bang for buck" than a GTX570.


    HDD: Depends on how much space you want but I suggest you get a Samsung HD103SJ.

    Heatsink: Stick to the Hyper 212+, it's the best one on the market right now apparently and Corsair's H50 is false water-cooling.
  2. well i want to go with the i7 just because its a bit* more future proof. and i thought corsairs were better than g.skill or did the guy at microcenter lie to me?
  3. They're both very good RAM companies, and the i7 isn't really anymore "futureproof" than the i5-2500k
  4. RAM - Low profile 2 x 4GB DDR3-1600

    $155 CAS 7 - Mushkin Redline DD3-1600
    $100 CAS 9 - Corsair XMS DDR3-1600
    $100 CAS 9 - Mushkin DDR3-1600

    Case / PSU - HAF-932 is outdated .... been replaced by HAF-X 942 and yes, the additional features are well worth the extra dough. HX series are great but overpriced compared to equal quality units with same exact performance / quality (all PSU's below get same 10.0 performance rating on as HX). Options:

    ($160) DF-85 w/ CP-850 ($120) - My 1st choice

    HAF-X ($180 after $10 MIR)) w/ XFX Black Edition 850 ($130) - close 2nd

    GFX - 570 /970 are great choices, if ya think you will be upgrading to twin cards, I favor the 570 (873 fps) to 6970 (825 fps) in testing.

    Cooler - The H50 is a rebranded Asetec LLC550. Antec has just released a modded version of this cooler which has shown huge improvement over H50

    Priced to compete with high-end air coolers, the Kühler offers similar performance and a lower noise level. It's the first compact liquid cooler I've tested that can honestly be considered as competition for the likes of the Cooler Master V6 GT, Prolimatech Megahalems, and Thermalright Venomous X. ..... The performance of the Antec Kühler H20 620 was excellent, exceeding that of every other water cooler I've tested and encroaching on the performance range of the very best air coolers.

    The Antec Kuhler 620 beats the H50 by 7.2C w/ stock fans and 9.4C with both using same Delta fan.
  5. do you prefer the mushkin or the xms3? cas-9's btw.
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