Graphics card upgrade help

hello all i have an issue in deciding what graphics card to upgrade to as we all do at one point

also i have an AMD cpu so will i benefit from an ati card?

my budget is £70-£100

my pc speccs are

processor:amd athlon 64 x2 dual core processor 6000+
os:Windows 7 64bit enterprise edition
graphics card: geforce 8800gt
power supply:corsair hx 650w modular
hdd: 768mb
motherboard:ECS A770M-A

id like to upgrade my geforce 8800gt to an ati card as i heard ati is the gaming company carda nd nvidia is the casual gamer/multimedia photo/video editing card etc

oh and the only game i play on pc is warcraft cataclysm and obviously the card has to fit in my motherboard
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  1. This'd be a VERY nice upgrade (about 3x the performance) from your 8800gt at your price point:

    You can combine any CPU brand with any graphics card you could possibly want, what you need to look at the time of buying a graphics card is whether there'll be any bottleneck from the cpu ( that's not your case) and mobo compatibility ( only with PCIE 2.1 cards, not your case either as the mobo is PCIE2.0), not whether to combine Intel/ Nvidia or AMD/Ati. It's up to personal preference and the price/performance offerings from each camp at the time.

    And no there aren't any extra performance improvements from using Ati with AMD processor.
  2. how come some cards come with those covers with art and some dont i do not understand that
  3. AMD sends a shipment of PCBs to all card makers, then they can put stickers, change the cooler, modify the PCB without noticeably afecting performance, Modify the BIOS so the card comes factory OC'd, or do anything they want to it. All that to add better cooling performance and make it more visually appealing to the customer.
  4. oh i see is it worth getting a covered on or are theyy like more expensive
  5. ALL of them have to be sold with at least one damn sticker, that's the only way to differentiate them from the other brands aside from the box they came in. Even the cheapest ones do have them.

    The fancy dual fan cooling , pre-OC'd ones do tend to be expensiver.
  6. ok thanks for help il check ebay amazon google etc see if i can get one a little cheaper than overclockers ont th radeon 5770
  7. is there any difference in the cards by manufacturer like xfx,sapphire cos i found a deal here i had bookmarked

    is that a good price
  8. If you can go slightly over budget the GTX 460 is significantly faster than the HD5770 and if I recall WoW tends to do better on Nvidia cards.
  9. that card is to much even the radeon one is a little expensive. so i have to get nvidia for wow cos ati wont work on it
  10. WoW will work perfectly on radeon cards but nvidia cards tend to perform better on that game specifically. This is a OEM card, like the ones they send for the early reviews before launch, it's not recommended as they likely don't come with accesories or manuals nor any warranty coverage, it's not worth it for a few pounds less
  11. i get like 45-60fps in wow cata the only reason i want to upgrade is that the minimum card for cata is an 8600gt which is close to my card sowhtever expansion is realeased next im prolly gonna need a new card
  12. If you are happy with your current performance then just wait until you actually need something better. Video cards are a fast moving technology and later on there will always be better and more advanced choices available for less money.
  13. The 5770 should be more than good enough for WoW, since it's never been a very demanding game. You could get an HD 6850 or 6870 as they are newer and are both very good deals.
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