Help me decide which GPU should i buy? EVGA GTS450 or XFX Radeon 5770

With almost the same price specification, and by reading most of reviews, and finding that 5770 is a better performer then GTS 450, and being a NVIDIA's fan, I am confused to make a decision to buy EVGA GTS 450 or XFX Radeon 5770 ?

Please help me decide.


My PC configuration:

Processor: i5-750
Power Supply: 600 watts
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  1. 5770 beats a stock gts 450 , both are decent cards. i have gts 450 but its an asus TOP .

    they also both overclcok well. in most cases i say get the 5770 unless like me you need cuda (if you don't know if you need it then you don't need it)

    if you give us the idea of what games you wanna play we cna find out which cards are performing better in said games , for example Blizzard titles (WoW and SCII)
  2. one current hot title i m interested in playing is Call of Duty : Black Ops, and later other good future titles for which I am mostly concerned :-)
  3. either of them will max out CoD black ops without any issues at all , and will likely max out the next CoD as they aren't really changing the engine much from one game to the next

    if you are using a 64 bit OS then i'd also suggest more ram maybe another 4 gigs, but CoD will not ulilize it righ tnow, its mroe of a beign prepared for the future thing
  4. thanks for your help g00fysmily

    but in comparison of XFX's 5770 with referenced clock and memory speed and EVGA's GTS 450 FPB version, which would be better?
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    xfx has the better warrenty, double lifetime to evga which has a 2 year warrenty, the 5770 will perform a bit better in most games, the fpb is basically a very small overclock and not really worth mentioning as its miniscule (i actually have a gts 450 fpb in my wife's computer but i got that for a steal at $65 bucks) both also overclock well if you are willing to overclock

    overall though the 5770 is still usually gonna beat the gts 450 fpb at the 5770 stock clocks so there's my reccomendation
  6. @g00fysmily, thanks, now i m making my mind for 5770 :-)

    but are these the two variations of XFX u r talking about by looking at their specifications?

  7. basically similar cards, 577a is the refrence model, the 577x is a modified heatsink, clock speeds are exactly the same, if you don't wanna oerclock there will be no differences.

    i'd say 577a as its refrence design forces airflow over the whole card so if overclockign isn't in your plans thats the guy

    577x woudl be if you have good case ventilation and want to do overclocking later it'd then get the nod
  8. gts 450 superclocked from evga is same as stock hd 5770,go with nvidia you will have dx11 and physx in one package.
  9. thanks @g00fysmily. it helped me a lot :-)
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