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Hello everyone
There is situations in a Windows network environment , that calling a computer Name , does not take us to that computer ,while the IP does.

Is there a way to learn a windows system to recognize some Computer Names on the network? (maybe by Mapping Names to some IPs by user)

thankyou verymuch
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  1. Is it a windows domain or just peer-peer (desktops only).

    Do you have a DNS server (possibly on a domain controller)?
  2. C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\ETC\HOSTS

    Edit the Hosts file and follow the example to add the computer name and IP address. You will need to do this on each computer for the respective computer you want to access.

    A domain would generally allow WINS or DNS to function if configured, which I'm guessing you don't have. So editting the HOSTS file is your method.
  3. thankyou , I will test it,
    you guess right , We have no domain.
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