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Hello, I purchased a HP pavilion DV7 laptop about a year ago from Best Buy it messed up the motherboard overheaded i was told that there is a class action lawsuit that i could get it replaced free of charge since it is out of warranty. Does anyone have any info regarding this laesuit .
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  1. I did not know this. I have a DV7 1000, and I had to replace the fan because of heating problems. Is there anywhere I can find out more information on this?
  2. Cpu-z will tell you more specific details, download it from Cnet and run it
  3. Dear God HP can't catch a break. The lineup from about 2006/2007 had massive recalls (DV6000/7000/9000) due to the mobo dying out.

    I checked HPs site. No real info on the issue. Like with the otehrs, they keep any recalls or extended warranties hidden very well.

    Your best bet is to call HP and complain.
  4. Actually, the case that was settled (with the March 14, 2011 claim submission deadline) was only for the models that were affected by the NVIDIA chip.

    If your laptop is experiencing the power adapter issue, that is a totally separate claim and is now under appeal scheduled for a hearing in Nov, 2011. Here's the website where you can read the claim and appeals: http://www.sfmslaw.com/class-action-lawsuits/cases.php?id=300

    Hope this helps!
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