The best card to fit

Hey guys, I want to find the best card that will fit my mobo and wont bottleneck my pc.

My current specs:

Asrock H55M/USB3
Intel Core i5 760
4GB 1333mhz RAM
750w PSU

I would be playing at 1440x900 resolution :)

Thanks for the help, Sam
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  1. Whats your budget for an upgrade? You dont need a super strong card, a 5770 would do quite well, but something like a GTX 460 would fare even better and let you max most things out. Your CPU isnt going to be providing a relevant bottleneck to any card so dont worry about that, just dont spend a ton on a card like a GTX 570 that isnt going to be able to stretch its legs at your resolution.
  2. Well, I would be buying a new power supply along with it, i'd probably spend about £50 on that so around £100, the 5770 is right around there so i'll look into that.
  3. Also, Maybe to save money on the PSU, do you know what wattage i would need? if not ill make a thread in the PSU section.

    Also, doesn't the GTX 460 need 2 slots beside eachother?
  4. What 750W PSU do you have? Most 500W units are fine for a single graphics card, so unless you got a super bad 750W unit you have more than enough power available.

    A GTX 460 and a 5770 both need two slots next to each other in the case, but only need one PCI-E 16x slot. What case do you have? Looking at your motherboard, unless you have something in both PCI-E 1x slots you will have enough space.
  5. As I said, i'd be buying the PSU along with the Card. As for the double-slot thing i should be fine, i thought that the x1 slot would be obstructing the card!
  6. Nope, the slot will pass under the card without a problem.
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