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Intel i5 2400 With a Z68 Motherboard?

I was thinking about getting an Intel i5 2400, as they are around my price range. However, I was looking at mobos and from what I hear, the z68 is made to be used with a "K" processor to overclock. If I buy a z68 and use it with a 2400, will it be bottle necked? Should I just stick with an H67/H61?
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    Bottlenecked? huh?

    You can use any s1155 i3/i5/i7 with a Z68/P67/H67/H61.

    Whether you WANT to use a Z68, is up to you, do you need Z68's features?
  2. Thanks.. I just thought that the Z68/P67 was only usable if you had an overclockable processor. Guess I thought wrong. Since 2400's aren't even overclockable, I might as well go with an H67 and save a few bucks. Thanks, again.
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