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I'm shipping a new build to mom. Last time I did this, the heat sink fell off in transit and did a demolition derby on the motherboard while in transit. That was a few years ago, so maybe the 1156 fans stay on better? Anyways, does anyone have any tips on double-securing this sucker before I give it to the apes at UPS?
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  1. Hello eepyikes;
    You should be OK if the HSF is fully seated and locked. And I'm sure you've checked.
    Put a duplicate shipping label with your telephone number inside the shipping box, just in case.
  2. FedEx has some info on packaging computers, but it's nothing special.
  3. Cool, thanks. Hopefully it will be ok in its box. I'm shipping in the box the case came in, which has styrofoam sleeves and I'll also toss in some additional padding.
  4. Crossing your fingers & giving the box an anti-guerrilla gorilla spray might not hurt.
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