Upgrading from HD 4650 512MB

Hello all. I have been reading around the forums and keep coming up with the same old B.S. Here is the issue.

I am looking to upgrade my GPU. I have the 4650 right now and want to get more out of my games. I get alot of screen tearing and games run like crap with V-sync on. Now the real question I can't seem to get a good answer on is this....
What will give me more bang for my buck? 4870 or 5770? I'm not really interested in DX11 I Just wanna play games on High with some AA on. Thanks in advance guys and gals. :wahoo:
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  1. Depends how low you can find a 4870 for. The performance of those two is pretty much identical, if you can find a 4870 for significantly cheaper i would get it, but if they are similarly priced i would get a 5770.
  2. What is your power supply? The HD 4870 is kinda power hungry, consuming approx. 110w of power under typical gaming conditions. The HD 5770 consumes 62w of power.
  3. 62? I thought that was closer to the 5750? Both have a 6pin plug so technically they use more then 75.

    The 4870 is a bit faster, but I doubt you'll ever feel/see it. Considering the power and heat savings along with DX11 should you ever need it and the 5770 just makes more sense. Unless of course you can get your friends old 4870 for $50.
  4. To answer jaguarskx question, I have a 550 Power Supply as of right now. Using the calculator on the Newegg website I'm using about 344W with my current set-up. If I added the 4870 I think I would be pushing about 468W. With the 5770 it would be 413W. So in energy terms the latter would be better for me. But the 4870 is cheaper. 5770 has more bells and whistles and uses less power. Hmmmmm.......
  5. hd 4870 is better than hd 5770 is gaming if you dont give a damn about directx11.
  6. Thank you for all your answers. :)
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