Good router and modem for gaming heavy house.

Hi, I am currently looking for a new router and modem to use. We do a fair bit of online gaming and downloading so I was wondering what modem and router would work the best? Price range would be like under $200 for each one. We will have 4 or so wired connections with another like 4-5 wireless connection on it. Any advice?
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  1. Buy a router with made by a good manufacturer. I recommend Belkin and Linksys (by Cisco).

    When choosing your router look for gigabit ethernet ports for your wired ports. Depending on what wi-fi standard your wireless devices support look for IEEE 802.11g and IEEE 802.11n support.

    Also you can get routers with modems built in to make it all tidier. For your price range you should be able to find lots of options (although I am guessing as I live in the UK).
  2. Also on the security side of the router look for WPA 2 support (although being able to fully use this depends on if your wireless devices support WPA 2).
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