2nd build $800-1000 gaming rig

So I'm on my way to a 2nd build and I'm wondering what mobo and memory would be great for my build


CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz
CPU cooler: cooler hyper 212 plus
GPU: MSI GTX 460 (love this card have it in my first build)
PSU: Corsair 750w
HDD: WD caviar Black 500gb
Case: HAF-912

Country of Origin: USA
resolution: 1080p
OS: I Have win7 ready and waiting
Monitor, keyboard, mouse: already have
least to greatest: gaming: crysis,sc2 mostly the new games, downloading music/videos, surfing
budget: does not matter ($800-$1000 for some needs more info could go even higher if i need to)
sli: yes
overclocking: yes
I'll be getting everything at newegg or microcenter but if i find a cheaper place I'll be getting it from whatever...
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  1. Fill out form in sticky, link in my sig.

    Stuff like Country you live in, and purpose of PC is important.

    Aren't any 1155 Mobo's out right now thanks to the "not recall" recall, so we can't really advise you there.

    Memory wise, amount depends on purpose of build. I'd suggest a G Skill Eco DDR3 1600 7-8-7-24 kit though.
  2. was about to edit my message but I had to go out to do something..
  3. What resolution? What games?

    Unless you really mean no budget we need a range at least. We can give you a $600 budget gaming build or a $4000 eyefinity/3d vision one, so a bit narrower of a range would be helpful.

    In general I wouldn't go above 1080p with a single GTX 460, and even then don't expect to max everything out.

    Do you need OS? Monitor?etc. Try to fill out the entire form.
  4. Why_Me said:

    did you read my post..? I already check and read banthracis response answered all those advice on that other post "build advice" then you come along after a few minutes and put that website in when i already answered all of them

    what else do you need?
    oh..the date... NEXT WEEK
  5. #1 - Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB. It's the best and it's $55 on Newegg today--but not for long.
    #2 - If gaming is your focus and you're spending $1,000 you should get a GTX 570. It's got GTX 480 performance, which blows the pants of a GTX 460.
    #3 - Good PSU, but I'd go with an 850W or 950W because I like the freedom to SLI and overclock high-end cards and CPUs. Go with a Corsair, Antec, Season, Silverstone, or XFX.
  6. Thank you sir much appreciate your response and suggestion
  7. RAM: 4GB (2x2GB) 1600CL9 or 1333CL7, or 8GB if you have the money lying around.

    A lot of your choices depend on whether you feel like being adventurous (Radeon 6950 2GB) or have flexible prices (fancy cooler or RAM). You'll want to add a SSD later this year.
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