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1.65v on a 1.5v recommended AMD board.


I've been having memory problems with my current ram. I am going to RMA my current ram and use old RAM that I have laying around. The old ram that I have is rated at 1.65v, but my mobo recommends 1.5v. Would it be a problem to run 1.65v on my AMD 1.5v board?
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  1. Yes you want to run the 1.5v ram on your motherboard because it will directly affect the cpu which is why they sugest the 1.5v ram.
  2. Most boards let you set the memory voltage, timings and speed manually. Unless the board wont go to 1.65volts, once you have the memory set properly it should run just fine.

    I am running 1.65volt mem on a FM1 board that defaults at 1.5volts. The board's default was 1.5volts, ddr3-1066 with ddr3-1600 1.65volt mem which is a big speed penalty. The system did boot up fine and i was able to go into the bios and correctly set the memory.
  3. Is there any options in the BIOS to undervolt the memory? What's the motherboard?
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    Most memory would be rated at something like ddr3-1600 1.65volts, ddr3-1333 1.60volts, ddr3-1066 1.50volts. It will be different for each brand/model and speed of memory.

    You have to google the memory sticks you have, find their speed/timings/voltage chart on their site. Most will tell you the max safe voltage and lowest voltage/speed the memory will work at.

    Mine are kingston sticks.

    My board is a gigabyte A75M-UD2H

    It will vary from board to board on what settings they offer in the bios.
  5. I can change voltage and timings on mobo. I tried memtest on the sticks and it gets tons of errors on both 1.65v and 1.5v with right timings.
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