Windows 98 Problems

Here what my system is
Amd athlon 1.53 1800 with 1.5 gigs of ram
K7t266 Pro (MS-6380)
Millennium g450
sound blaster Live
ATi TV Card
Creative labs 56k modem

I have not been able to play games or use the ATi Tv card. When I try to use them the computer reboots or Locks up.

I want to get the win xp Pro. And if I do will it help some with the problems I been having?

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  1. What kind of games? Getting any error messages?

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  2. Wow! You have 1.5 gigs of ram?
    That may be part of your problem.

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  3. I think I had fix the system. Just alot of updates. Oh the ram thing. It was cheap. And I can use most of it. Most of the time I use about 80% of my ram.
  4. Ugg Fix one problem and find another problem. I been trying to get my USB ports to work right. It has no problem detecting both my joysticks that I use on descent 3. But I get in 2 mins of the game and the joysticks stop working. Go in to gameport and look at them and they can t be moved. Or none of the buttions work.
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