No signal from any GPU.


I'm helping a friend with his PC trouble.
Basically, I start up the PC. There is no signal. No response whatsoever. No beeping no anything.
All the fans are on, but there is no signal from GPU.

I tested the gpu on my own pc and it works. I tested my gpu on this pc and it still didn't work.
So. I guess it's something with the motherboard. (which has no integrated graphics)

I put in Ubuntu live cd, just to test for any response, got nothing.

I think this might be the motherboard, but I'm not sure.
Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. We need a little more info to be helpful.

    What Motherboard, GPU and powersupply are in your friends PC?
  2. MB: Biostar NF520-A2.
    CPU: Either AMD Athlon or Phenom. Don't know. I don't really want to remove the heatsink.
    PSU: Chieftec ANP-405A12 405W
    GPU: GIGABYTE GeForce 8400GS
  3. Its sounds like its not even posting. Try reseating everything, and start with the bear minimum.

    Motherboard, CPU, 1 stick of Ram, external video only if there is no onboard video.
  4. I reseated the CPU. It's all good now. I should have tried that earlier.
    This can be closed now.
  5. How could the cpu get unseated???? It's locked down and the heatsink is locked down...
  6. I have no idea. But I removed it. Put it back. Reapplied thermal grease and it works.
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