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Hello,I recently bought a ati radeon hd 4350 1g DDR2 and i installed it and installed what i thought were the right drivers (the one I installed was vista 32 bit) and when I rebooted the system, things looked a bit smaller than usual and the games that it said it could run a bit better (World of Warcraft being one of them)it didn't run them better at all. So I was wondering, is this video card compatible with my system? I have a dell inspiron 530, windows vista 32 bit, service pack 2. Any help would be great!
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  1. HD4350 can hardly be considered a gaming card and will not make a noticeable difference to gaming experience. About things being smaller, are you running the same monitor resolution?
  2. Well i know it's not meant to be a good gaming card, but my friend has it and says he can up the graphics to ultra, where im at low/medium and it wont let me set to the right resolution, i think it was like 1440 X 1200 or something
  3. Might be driver conflicts. What GPU where you using before and did you do a proper uninstall of drivers before installing the new card?
  4. You are most likely right, because I had a nvidia geforce 8400 gs and i completley forgot to uninstall the nvidia drivers so i installed the radeon card when I still had my nvidia drivers on there, but I looked in device manager and I cant find the nvidia drivers, nor in the uninstall programs. So I need to probably get rid of the nvidia drivers somehow : /
  5. I downloaded it but everytime i try to "Clean" them, it locks up and it also locks up after i try to update it :( ill try again though.
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