What is the best motherboard for the AMD Phenom II X4 810 2 6Ghz 95W OEM CPU

I am building a computer for my time and have a few puestions. What mobo and video card is best for the AMD Phenom II X4 810 2 6Ghz 95W OEM CPU? I am not into gaming, but do like to pictures and home movies. I going to put a Ultra U12-40873 LSX 650-Watt Power Supply. I will be using Windows 7 and do I need a video card that can operate two monitors?

Art Poston

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  1. First you should read this sticky:

    The best motherboard for you will depend on what purpose the machine is used for and budget. I can recommend motherboards from $40 to $200.

    Not gaming? Then you don't really need a 3D graphics card. You also don't need a 650W power supply, you'd be better off with a quality unit of 500W.

    I'm not sure multimonitors are a good use of your money unless you want to have surround gaming experience. In which case, 3 monitors is better because then you won't have a bezel in your center field of view.

    Follow the sticky, then we can better offer some suggestions customized for your needs.
  2. Also you should consider new motherboards and CPU's coming from AMD in the next few months and how much upgradability is important to you.
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